Windtunnel is a legendary monster that was added in Elemental Assault 1.2. He is the Type Staple for the Wind element.


Leveling Edit

Windtunnel evolves at level 25 and level 40. This evolution timing is shared by all other Legendary monsters.

Attacks Edit

Windtunnel starts off knowing two attacks, Ram and Wind Cutters. At level 5 it learns Wind Shape: Blade. At level 10 it learns Wind Shape: Shield. At level 15 it learns Healing Breeze. At level 20 it learns Wind Shape: Axe. At level 25 it learns Wind Shape: Massive Shield. And, finally, at level 30 it learns Wind Shape: Anvil.

Description Edit

WIndtunnel was created during the God War by the wind god Forvorn. He served as a basic infantry troop, but unlike most of the other godly warriors, he escaped destruction and left for the mortal realm. His millions of years of experience and ability to shape wind into anything makes him an incredible monster for any team. Thunder monster cower in the presence of this being.

Other stats Edit

Rarity level: Legendary

Gold if Sold: 100K

Cost in shop: N/A

Elements: Wind/None