Wind Elemental is one of the monsters in Elemental Assault. It is one of the original eight monsters (plus two secret legendary's) that the player could use. It was released in the game's first alpha demo release.

Wind Elemental

Evolution Edit

Wind Elemental starts out looking like a small, hovering tornado with black eyes floating in front of it. It evolves into a larger, taller version, and adds arms made of wind. It evolves into an even bigger, taller version with larger arms with bulging shoulders.

Leveling Edit

The Water Elemental evolves at level four and seven. The only other creatures who share this evolution path are other one-type monsters. Its max level is 100 like all other monsters.

Attacks Edit

The wind elemental starts out with 2 attacks, Blunt Punch and Wind Cutter. At level 5 it learns Wind Punch. At level 10 it learns Mass Wind Cutter. At level 15 it learns Tornado Charge. At level 20 it learns Wind Evade. And finally, at level 25, it learns Hurricane.

Description Edit

Wind Elemental is shy and jumpy. It you sneak up behind them, they might just hit you in the face with a mini-tornado.

Other stats Edit

Rarity Level: Basic

Gold if Sold: 400

Cost in-shop: 2000

Elements: Wind/None