Volcanus is one of the monsters in Elemental Assault. It is one of the original eight monsters (plus two secret legendary's) that the player could use. It was released in the game's first alpha demo release.


Evolution Edit

Volcanus starts out as a triangular stone base with a blob of deep red lava coming off of it. It has several orange bubbles and two green eyes. It lacks legs or a mouth. It evolves into a bigger version with more bubbles, then becomes an ever larger version covered in bubbles. All of its forms lack legs or a mouth.

Leveling Edit

Volcanus evolves at level 10 and level 20. This evolution timing is shared by most other Common monsters with a few exceptions.

Attacks Edit

Volcanus starts out knowing two attacks, Rock Smack and Fire Bubble. At level 5 it learns Lava Burst. At level 10 it learns Rock Crush. At level 15 it learns Catapult. At level 20 it learns Magwave. And, finally, at level 25 it learns Flaming Catapult.

Description Edit

Volcanus like to hold in his emotions. He bottles up all his anger until he lets it out in combat, causing a huge eruption. He's not a guy to face unprepared.

Other stats Edit

Rarity level: Common

Gold if Sold: 600

Cost in-shop: 6500

Elements: Fire/Earth