Ursustone is one of the many monsters added in the 1.2 update of Elemental Assault.


Leveling Edit

Ursustone evolves at level 10 and level 20. This evolution timing is shared by most other Common monsters with a few exceptions.

Attacks Edit

Ursustone starts off knowing two attacks, Heavy Fists and Rocky Punches. At level 5 it learns Rocky Ground. At level 10 it learns Beast Punish. At level 15 it learns Coal Claws. At level 15 it learns Stunning Boulders. At level 20 it learns Beast Clamp. And, finally, at level 25 it learns Rocky Field.

Description Edit

Ursustone is known for its amazing power and scary temper. It will plow through enemies with fierce bites and deadly coal claws.

Other stats Edit

Rarity level: Common

Gold if Sold: 5K

Cost in-shop: 20 Diamonds

Elements: Beast/Earth