Steamclaw is a monster that was released in the 1.1 update of Elemental Assault. It was the only monster to be added in this release, the rest of the release being mainly bug fixes and balancing.


Leveling Edit

Steamclaw evolves at level 7, 15, and 25. This evolution timing is shared by all other Rare monsters.

Attacks Edit

Steamclaw starts off knowing two attacks, Blunt Punch and Water Cascade. At level 5 it learns Fireball. At level 10 it learns Steam Burst. At level 15 it learns Whirpool Burst. At level 20 it learns Green Flame of Healing. And, finally, at level 25 it learns Vapor Knock.

Description Edit

When fire and water meet, they usually make a Vapormist. But once in a blue moon a whole batch of eggs are half-red and half-blue, which creates a completely different creature, the battle-loving, fire-blasting Steamclaw.

Other Stats Edit

Rarity level: Rare

Gold if Sold: 15K

Cost in-shop: 30K

Elements: Water/Fire