Shellord is one of the two secret legendary monsters released in Elemental Assault 1.0, along with eight other basic monsters.

Shellord (LEGENDARY)

Leveling Edit

Shellord evolves at level 10, level 25, and level 40. This evolution timing is shared by all other Legendary monsters.

Attacks Edit

Shellord starts off knowing two attacks, Shell Scratch and Water Gun. At level 5 it learns Avalanche. At level 10 it learns Shell Blades. At Level 15 it learns Surprise Shell. At level 20 it learns Shell Explode. And, finally, at level 45 it learns Overshell.

Description Edit

Shellord was born when a sly water elemental stole a beautiful golden pearl from a sleeping Flamclam. The clam took revenge by coming onto land and swallowing the water elemental whole, merging them both into a powerful, unique monster.

Other stats Edit

Rarity level: Legendary

Gold if Sold: 100K

Cost in-shop: 20 Diamonds (Only if the player has bred it)

Elements: Water/Earth