Explorer Dan is a legendary monster that was added in the 1.2 update of Elemental Assault. The creator says "This guy was fun to make, I mean seriously. Sometimes it's kinda tedious with some monsters, but with others, it's fricking awesome to do. I don't plan to have many one element Legendary's, so this is a refreshing thing to create."

Explorer Dan

Leveling Edit

Explorer Dan evolves at level 25 and level 40. This evolution timing is shared by all other Legendary monsters.

Attacks Edit

Explorer Dan starts off knowing two attacks, Power Punch and Torch. At level 5 it learns Flame Wall. At level 10 it learns Incendiary Explosion. At level 15 it learns Inferno Wall. At level 20 it learns Flame Burst. At level 25 it learns Torch Bust. And, finally, at level 30 it learns Incendiary Ground.

Description Edit

Explorer Dan is very important in history, as he is the one who discovered Toadstool Land and lead and expedition into the Misty Forest. As he is the one who discovered the Beast and Leaf types, he is renowned as the greatest explorer ever. His only weapon are his fists and his trusty magic torch.

Other stats Edit

Rarity level: Legendary

Gold if Sold: 100K

Cost in shop: 300 Diamonds

Elements: Fire/None