Boulderilla is one of the many monsters added in the 1.2 update of Elemental Assault.


Leveling Edit

Boulderilla evolves at level 15 and 25. This evolution timing is shared by all other rare monsters.

Attacks Edit

Boulderilla starts off knowing two attacks, Monkey Punch and Rocks. At level 5 it learns Boulder Fall. At level 10 it learns Monkey Blast. At level 15 it learns Monkey Burst. At level 20 it learns Boulder Shield. And, finally, at level 25 it learns Monkey Slam.

Description Edit

Scientists are fascinated with how Boulderilla functions, its body coated in a huge boulder. It seems to have gotten the worst of Beast and Rock powers, but it can still fight. Explorer Dan owns a pet Boulderilla named Steve.

Other Stats: Edit

Rarity level: Rare

Gold if Sold: 20K

Cost in-shop: 30 Diamonds

Elements: Earth/Beast